What some of Ann’s Clients Have to Say

Ann has been incredibly helpful in assisting me through the uncertainties and difficulties of living with my wife’s early-onset dementia. When it seemed that nobody else had the skills and experience to understand what we were facing, Ann has been consistently available with caring guidance, both personal and practical. Given the emotional and logistical burdens of dementia, this support is invaluable. In addition to her day-to-day advice which has been so useful, we now have an excellent caregiving team in place, as a result of Ann’s connections and suggestions. We are happier and life is easier, because of Ann.

Ben Shaine, Port Townsend, WA


Since my mother and I had a “complicated” relationship and I’m the only child, single and still working, we couldn’t have gotten through her final year without Ann’s support. She and her crew helped me negotiate the assisted living, medical appointments, and hospitals, and provided generous moral support to both my mother and me. I felt that we were in good hands.

Dorothy Robinson, Portland, OR


I have been consistently impressed by the breadth and depth of Ann’s knowledge, experience regarding Senior Care and its many challenges. I consulted with her regarding my own mother’s needs as well as watched her as she worked with the daughter of a resident in the assisted living community where I was a Community Relations Director. Given any situation, she keeps you informed of all the options and offers compassionate guidance when things seem so overwhelming. There is no one more experienced and trustworthy than Ann. Her wisdom clears the way for adults to cope effectively with their aging parents physical and emotional needs. There are not enough accolades to fully acknowledge this woman and her service.

Laisha Kneuven, Portland, OR
Community Relations Director of an assisted living community


She was my rock when my Dad was in the last phase of his life. My Dad’s eyes would light up when she came to see him.  She has a calm aura that encompasses her. With me living in Virginia and my Dad in Portland, Ann filled in the gaps when family could not be there. Just knowing that she was trustworthy and dependable meant the world to me and my siblings.

Elizabeth Rowland, Culpeper, Virginia


Ann Cason transformed my mother’s experience of old age from a time of extreme anxiety and confusion to a gentle, harmonious way of life. Her approach affirms and enhances the value of the aging process, restoring dignity and peace to individuals and to their families.

Reeve Lindbergh, St. Johnsbury, Vermont


Ann Cason gave me the confidence to bring my mother to Portland to live with me for the last few months of her life. The result was happiness for both my mother and for me.

Bettina Hetz, Portland, OR


Ann has incredible talent and experience with aging adults and those with Alzheimer’s. An author and authority on how to care and create a supportive environment for these individuals, Ann is a personal friend who has been instrumental in the care for my own parent. Her seminal book, Circles of Care, is an invaluable guide to helping the aging and those with Alzheimers. She shows us how to create an environment that insures grace, dignity and hope for the often confusing world of the Alzheimer’s patient. Ann offers pragmatic approaches for the children and caretakers who are suddenly immersed in the often bewildering and challenging demands of managing the aging and parents with Alzheimer’s.

Jeb Brodrick, Portland, OR


I consulted Ann several years ago about my aging parents. She helped me understand what I could and couldn’t do for them, and how to face my own emotions as their lives–and our relationship–inevitably changed. I repeatedly have returned to Ann’s wise words as my family navigates the challenges of this new phase of life.

Ann Sihler, Portland, OR